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Mimi Tjen 

Founder / Director 


Found BeNature in 2003, Beauty Therapist Mimi started her own facial salon BeNature which used only natural products and fresh ingredients. Her passion in natural ingredients inspires her to bring BeNature the first herbal hair dye treatment to customers in 2007. 


Positive feedback from her loyal customers is the motivation power for her to learn use different technique and formula to create different colours by only using herbal hair dye, making colour significantly more durable, no chemical on skin, scalp and hair, and most importantly, hair gets softer and more beautiful with each use. 




Certificate, Lymph Drainage Therapy, IHBI, 2001
Certificate, Swedish Body Massage, IHBI, 2001
Certificate, Positional Release Therapy, IHBI, 2002
Certificate, Cranio Sacral Therapy, IHBI, 2002
Trigger Points Therapy, HKU SPACE, 2002
Certificate, Meridians & Points, Hong Kong Naturopathy Association, 2003
Certificate, Aromatherapy Oil Blending, JGO Holistic Aromatherapy & Health School, 2005
Aromatherapy Massage Face & Body, Essential Energy Aromatherapy Training Workshop, 2005

Alan Wong
Designer / Marketing Director 


Joined benature since 2009, bringing passion in handmade products, drawing and design. 

Thanks to Alan, benature shop and products' design are originally homemade and hand drawn

Shop Manager 


Joined benature since 2010, bringing expertise in hair salon skills. Now she is our BeNature master henna hair therapist. Doing what she love in training new teammates and her creative ideas to improve our herbal hair colouring to next level. 

Assistant Manager 


Joined BeNature since 2014. 

Over 10 years experience in hair salon,  King is keen interest in herbal hair dye. Now He is our master henna therapist. With his expert in herbal hair dye, he listens to his clients' needs and  helps clients to get the perfect color that they need.

Senior henna hair therapist 


Over 10 years experience in hair treatment salon, 

Good communication and gentle caring of her clients, Michele is high demand request therapist in BeNature. With her creative style she makes wonderful color combinations for her clients. 


Senior henna hair therapist

Experience in salon industry and his passion brings him in BeNature as henna hair therapist, he works hard to made his colouring technique to the next level. 

Jason is an high demand special request therapist now, He makes excellent services with his gentle caring and patience in choosing right colour for his clients. 


Henna hair therapist

In 2019, Wen joined us after more than a decade overseas salon's  experience. Her professionalism and techniques in hair colouring and salon blowout are amazing. Her caring and sunny attitude make customers love her a lot. 


Henna hair therapist


This master in haircut and style for more than 30 years decided to join us in 2019. He is the most experienced master yet he is so humble. Simon is very helpful, willing to listen his customers' need and a professional in salon techniques.


We sincerely appreciate the hard work of Rumi, she keep our shop clean and tidy and a super helpful assistance of our henna therapists. 


Our very helpful shop assistant is always so creative and passionate in cooking delicious food for our staffs. If you are lucky enough to be served dessert or braised pork knuckle during your visit, it is all thanks to YUNG.

BeNature Team


Over the decade, BeNature team have been amazed again and again about powerful results of herbs on hair and body. It is not only for hair protection, but also for improving hair condition and scalp repairs.

Now BeNature have 10 specialists are working together every day mainly for these reasons: ensuring quality, perseverance in using 100% natural ingredients on hair and scalp, sustainability of resources and finally, producing earth friendly products made with love

With all the respect for the people who have worked with BeNature, related to and believe in the company culture, Mimi run the company according fair trade principles, pay honest wages and truly appreciate her specialist/therapist.   

Why choose us?


1. Prime convenient location in Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay (next to Timesquare).


2. Specialization and expertise

We focus in herbal hair dye treatment for over 10 years. We are the first in Hong Kong to do this. We continue to improve our colouring technique and the training of our professional henna hair therapists. 


3. Premium organic products

We use only the best quality certified organic products and state of art quality equipment.

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4. Customers come first

We value our customers. Their satisfaction means the world to us. We are working diligently to meet and exceed our customers satisfaction. Mimi, the owner of Benature, is passionate about her work. She is not just running the business. She loves and enjoys working on henna treatment for her customers and providing henna treatment for her team members. By doing so, she can have a better understanding of the needs of her customers and her team therefore finding better solutions for her services and maintaining service quality.

5. Valuing team members

As a company, Benature treat our team members with respect and honor. We run our business according to fair trade commitments, fair salary, holiday and other company benefits. We treat our team members with fairness and we encourage positive growth with positive reward system. 


Our team members are the core of our company, their well-beings mean so much us. In response, we choose tools, such as hairdryers, that are lightweight so that our team members arms and wrists will experience less strain. We also use only organic products and all our materials and tools are eco-friendly, which are best for their long-term health.

6. Caring for our planet

We love and care about our planet. We take our responsibilities in recycling very seriously, to reduce the amount of waste, even if this means higher manpower and cost. We are committed to use only washable and recyclable tools, gloves, silicon and packagings. All packaging of our Benature and Henna products are made of recyclable materials.